Striated Caracara

Thursday December 15, 2011

  It is one hundred and eighty one years ago that Charles Darwin set off on his great Voyage Of the Beagle. On the 5th of September 1831 he was summoned to London to meet Robert FitzRoy the captain of HMS Beagle, it was explained to Darwin that he had been chosen to accompany FitzRoy as naturalist on his voyage around the world.

  Charles Darwin was just 21 years old, had never met the captain or heard of the ship. The Admiralty had charged FitzRoy with two missions, first to continue charting the coast of South America and to get accurate fixings of longitude by taking measurements on their round the world trip.

  The voyage would take Darwin to sea for up to four years but he was free to leave the ship at any time and return to england.On the 27th of December that year The HMS Beagle left Plymouth, they sailed across the Bay Of Biscay and out into the Atlantic Ocean.



Striated Caracara

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