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The Hawk Garden

The Hawk Garden is my private collection of birds set in the grounds of Leighton Hall.

The walled garden provides the perfect enviroment for my birds to live and raise their young.

Although I keep my garden private I do bring out some of my birds to hold demonstrations, practice falconry and to host my "Hands On" experiences.


Leighton Hall

Leighton Hall

I fly my birds for Leighton's guests every day the hall is open.

The bird of prey demonstration starts at 3.30pm.

 You can expect an interactive flying demonstration suitable for all ages, usually I will fly three or four birds of various types showing differing hunting styles and explaining the vast diversity of Avian Culture.Species you may see here of course include British birds but also exotic ones from the four corners of the earth, Owls, Hawks, Buzzards, Falcons, Vultures and Eagles.

Open house summer season starts MAY 1st 2014 until September 30th 2014.

The hall is open Tuesday-Friday, Also Bank Holiday Sundays and Mondays (May-Sept) and Sundays in August.

Opening times are 2pm-5pm, there is a nice little tea room serving light refreshments, a gift shop, childrens play area, woodland walk, beautiful gardens and wonderful guided tours of Leighton Hall itself.


Jim brown with owl

Jim Brown

 I was born in a Lancashire seaside town in 1973.

 In 1999 I found myself sat on a mountain in the Cordillera Blanca of Peru.

 I had a 'moment' on that mountain.

 That 'moment' triggered a series of life changing events.

  • I became a falconer.
  • The Hawk Garden was created.
  • This website was published.

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